Renesas Electronics, Elinks and China-India Cloud Cooperation to Expand Heterogeneous SoM Application Market

[Introduction]July 4, 2022, Shanghai and Shenzhen, China – Renesas Electronics (TSE: 6723), the world’s leading supplier of semiconductor solutions, and Yilingsi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. , Yi Lingsi) and AIoT solution provider Sino-India Cloud (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, Sino-Indian Cloud) announced today that they have jointly launched the ProMe series of heterogeneous SoMs (System on Module). The ProMe series heterogeneous SoM is a technology that integrates microcontroller (MCU), FPGA, and programmable mixed-signal matrix into the board. It can help users replace the traditional “chip first” development strategy when designing products. The peripheral circuit design of the functional interface is required to reduce the difficulty of hardware development, save development time, and help customers complete product upgrade iterations faster.

The ProMe series of SoM products developed by the three parties will be divided into three generations according to their functions. The current generation of products released uses the Renesas RX651 MCU in an ultra-small 64-pin (4.5mm x 4.5mm) BGA package, and the GreenPAK™ programmable hybrid The signal matrix SLG46585M, which also integrates E-Lingsi FPGA, will exert strong technical strength in interface conversion, data processing and other scenarios.

The Renesas RX651 MCU uses Renesas’ own high-performance RXv2 core, with an operating frequency of up to 120MHz, and its flash memory can be expanded from 512KB to 2MB to store the FPGA boot image file; the RX651 also greatly enhances the security performance and comprehensively protects the system. The GreenPAK™ programmable mixed-signal matrix SLG46585M can provide 4 analog comparators in addition to combined function macro cells and multi-function macro cells, and integrate 4 LDOs and 1 buck converter to power MCU and FPGA.

The onboard T20F169 FPGA of Yilinsi has 20K logic resources and extremely low power consumption. 20K logic runs at 100MHz at full speed, consumes less than 200mW, and has a small size of 9mm x 9mm. In addition to supplementing some peripherals with multi-port UART, SPI, etc., it also has design resources for servo control.

Sino-Indian Cloud ProMe series heterogeneous SoM, Sino-Indian innovatively put forward the product concept of “updateable and upgradeable hardware after deployment”, the core of which is that ProMe SoM is a highly optimized chip hardware for specific applications. This optimization is done after the hardware is manufactured, and there is almost no limit to the number of repetitions. So the system can adapt to new demands without installing new hardware. This is a very new technological concept for the entire industry.

Renesas Electronics, Elinks and China-India Cloud Cooperation to Expand Heterogeneous SoM Application Market

Note: Huang Yuelong, general manager of China-India Cloud (left), Lai Changqing, president of Renesas Electronics China (middle), and Guo Jing, general manager of Yi Lingsi (right)

Lai Changqing, President of Renesas Electronics China, said: “As customers increasingly demand shorter time-to-market, the flexibility of devices in development is becoming more and more important. We are delighted to have reached an agreement with Yilingsi and China-India Cloud. Strategic partnership, give full play to their respective advantages in product R&D, production and marketing, quickly launch solutions suitable for the needs of Chinese and global customers, and jointly expand the market. We will be committed to providing safe, reliable, convenient and flexible heterogeneous SoM solutions.”

Zhang Yonghui, director of Yilingsi (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd., said: “Renesas has a very rich product line, especially low-power MCUs and board-level power management, which have a good system fit with Yilingsi low-power FPGAs. .For small-capacity FPGAs, Renesas microcontrollers can directly complete the FPGA configuration. As an independent design service company, Sino-Indian Cloud integrates the products of the two companies in the form of SoM. Allow customers to evaluate and test , you can directly use the SoM in your own products. This is just the beginning of cooperation, and there will be more cooperation opportunities in the future with industry needs and development. I believe that Yi Lingsi’s unique and innovative FPGA architecture and low power consumption, small size features that can bring unique value to SoM products.”

Huang Yuelong, Senior Vice President of Sino-India Cloud, said: ” Sino-Indian Cloud is very pleased to cooperate with such excellent manufacturers as Renesas and E-Lingsi. India’s own technology accumulation and customer trust for many years. The original intention of China and India to launch ProMe series products is to help more engineers build products, and also hope to promote the development of China’s semiconductor industry through product technology. I believe that in the future, we can cooperate for everyone. Bringing better and more advanced products.”

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