Data analysis on the development of global fibre and fixed wireless broadband technologies

According to the data of the global broadband market report released by Point Topic, the current global fiber optic and fixed wireless broadband technologies have increased in the cost of copper.

Point Topic found that between the second quarter of 2018 and the second quarter of 2019, the number of copper wires used for fixed broadband fell by 6.6%. During the same period, FTTH and FTTx/VDSL increased by 18.6% and 7.1% respectively; in addition, wireless (mainly fixed wireless) increased by 26%.

In the second quarter of this year, North America accounted for 4.04% of the global net addition of fixed broadband subscriptions, the researchers said. In terms of global broadband networks, North America is basically in the middle of the regional mix, with East Asia accounting for over 63% and Oceania 0.06%.

North America has an 11.75% share of the global broadband market, which is much lower than East Asia’s 46.47%, but larger than Oceania’s 1%.

Globally, fixed-line broadband growth was a positive quarter, although both percentage and overall growth slowed. At the end of the quarter, the number of global subscribers was 1,083,566,405, which represented a net increase of 1,7992,476, an increase of 1.69%. This compares to a total of 1,065,573,929 households in the first quarter, a net increase of 21,704,389, or 2.08%.

Clearly, fixed-line broadband has the most support in Asia. “More than 63% of total fixed broadband subscriber net additions came from East Asia, which has the largest regional market share of all subscribers at 47%,” Point Topic said. “Compared to the first quarter of 2019, all other regions Market share changed by less than one percentage point, while the rest of Asia saw a 1.4% increase in market share.”

A region’s broadband growth potential depends in part on penetration. North America has a relatively high penetration rate of 34.3%, but a quarterly growth rate of only 0.57%; while Africa has a penetration rate of less than 4% and a quarterly growth rate of 2.5%; East Asia has a relatively high penetration rate of 31.3%, but It grew 2.3% in the quarter.

Point Topic stated in May 2018 that 77% of the world’s fixed subscribers are served through fiber, copper and cable networks.
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