Shukun Technology’s new crown pneumonia AI goes deep into the front line of the epidemic to help doctors fight the “epidemic”

Recently, Wuhan Central Hospital and Wuhan Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital have settled in “AI Doctors” to cooperate with medical staff on the front line to fight the epidemic.

Shukun Technology has always had good cooperation with various hospitals in Wuhan. Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Shukun Technology has quickly developed a new coronary pneumonia module based on the original chest disease AI system on the basis of understanding the urgent clinical needs, providing doctors with rapid diagnosis and review and comparison information. The combination of AI+CT helps intelligent diagnosis and treatment of diseases, reduces the risk of infection among medical staff, and improves the efficiency of management and control.

Shukun New Coronary Pneumonia AI processed 300 chest X-rays (one person) in only 2-3 seconds, and multiple cases were completed in parallel. In terms of function, it can quickly identify inflammatory lesions, segment and locate them, and accurately delineate the infected area. It can quantitatively evaluate the lesion area, and assist the clinic to more quickly and accurately determine the condition and evaluate the therapeutic effect.

In addition, the CT image tracking mechanism can reflect the progress of the patient’s condition and help track the patient’s condition. Some doctors have called for the establishment of a CT image tracking mechanism for patients in makeshift hospitals and primary hospitals. Shukun’s new coronary pneumonia AI system can easily provide doctors with lesions before and after follow-up, accurately compare the changes of lesions, and automatically provide doctors with a visual evaluation reference to meet the needs of fast and accurate diagnosis in designated hospitals, while effectively saving the time of overworked doctors and robbing patients. more valuable medical time.

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