ams and Osram unveils first bat-wing beam LED series for more uniform lighting in horticultural lighting

Osram (SIX: AMS), the world’s leading provider of optical solutions, has launched the Oslon Square Batwing, expanding its extensive portfolio of LED lighting for horticulture. To thrive quickly, plants need access to a certain amount of different wavelengths of light. Greenhouses and indoor farms use special lamps that use a combination of red, blue and white LEDs according to the light recipes needed for plant growth. Current LED luminaires typically use Lambertian-type lenses, no auxiliary optics, or a simple cover glass, allowing a large amount of light to concentrate under the luminaire to form a hot spot. This results in uneven light intensity across areas, resulting in erratic harvests. Currently, these under-illuminated areas are generally compensated for by adding additional lighting devices. The Oslon Square Batwing from ams Osram can solve this big problem, this optical lighting product is specially shaped to help customers simplify the design, such as reducing the number of lighting installations or increasing efficiency.

When it comes to plant lighting, growers often face issues with uneven lighting and spacing ratios. Currently, growers are trying to make up for under-lit areas by increasing the number of lamps, or accepting that some plants get more light than others. This is not a satisfactory solution, as the main goal of the grower is to obtain the highest yield at the lowest cost. To solve this problem, ams Osram combined its proven and market-leading horticultural lighting Oslon Square LED with an innovative primary optic.

The new batwing optics provide a special pattern of light radiation that looks like a pair of wings. The beam angle is 140° wide, and the light is distributed in a rectangular shape, which makes the light distribution more uniform and makes better use of the greenhouse space. The wider angular range also allows for greater distance between lamps, reducing the number of lighting fixtures. The primary batwing lens solution can increase system efficiency by 5% compared to lighting systems using LEDs and secondary batwing optics.

The Oslon Square series now adds 4 new products, Ultra Red (660nm), Deep Blue (450nm), Far Red (730nm) and Horticultural White, covering all wavelengths required for horticultural applications. All products are compact, measuring only 3 mm x 3 mm, to maintain excellent radiant flux and an excellent service life of over 102,000 hours. In addition, these products offer industry-leading performance values. The ultra-red light type product provides 1042 mW light output at 700 mA, and the electro-optical conversion efficiency (WPE) can reach 74%.


ams and Osram unveils first bat-wing beam LED series for more uniform lighting in horticultural lighting

With the addition of 4 new products to the mature Oslon Square range, ams Osram is now better able to meet the horticultural lighting needs of different customers for greenhouses and indoor farms. The picture shows the super red light type product.Image: ams Osram

With this special batwing optic, greenhouse owners can increase the distance between individual light fixtures without compromising the light quality of the plants.Image: ams Osram

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