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Toshiba MG180V2YS40

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Toshiba MG180V2YS40 Toshiba MG180V2YS40

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MG180V2YS40 Description

Toshiba’s MG180V2YS40 is a GTR series Silicon N-Channel IGBT module for high power switching applications and specifically designed for motor control field of applications. It has a collector current of 180 amperes, a collector emitter voltage of 1700 volts and weighs 1.21 lbs.

Standard safety features for MG180V2YS40 include — a complete half bridge configuration in one package, electrodes are isolated from the case, high input impedance, low saturation voltage, over-current limiting function, dynamic brake circuit, improved free-wheel Diode configuration, enhanced short-circuit protection and high speed operation.

Target application for MG180V2YS40 IGBT MODULE is mainly for motor drives, high power switching applications. Suitable dynamic speed command tracking and load regulating response are two must needs, for a high performance motor drive system. Toshiba’s IGBT module considerably raises the operating frequency of the inverter circuit employed to transfer power to the motors. This easily provides higher efficiency due to a more accurate voltage control.

MG180V2YS40  1.21 lbs


MG180V2YS40 could be used in High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications


N Channel IGBT (High Power Switching / Motor Control Applications)