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Xilinx XCR3064XL-10VQG44I

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Xilinx XCR3064XL-10VQG44I Xilinx XCR3064XL-10VQG44I

#XCR3064XL-10VQG44I xilinx XCR3064XL-10VQG44I New XCR3064XL-10VQG44I Xilinx CPLD CoolRunner XPLA3 Family 1.5K Gates 64 Macro Cells 95MHz 0.35um (CMOS) Technology 3.3V 44-Pin VTQFP, XCR3064XL-10VQG44I pictures, XCR3064XL-10VQG44I price, #XCR3064XL-10VQG44I supplier
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Fast Zero Power (FZP) design technique provides ultra-low power and very high speed
Typical Standby Current of 17 to 18 μA at 25°C
Innovative CoolRunner™ XPLA3 architecture combines high speed with extreme flexibility
Based on industry's first TotalCMOS PLD — both CMOS design and process technologies
Advanced 0.35μ five layer metal EEPROM process
1,000 erase/program cycles guaranteed
20 years data retention guaranteed
3V, In-System Programmable (ISP) using JTAG IEEE 1149.1 interface
Full Boundary-Scan Test (IEEE 1149.1)
Fast programming times
Support for complex asynchronous clocking
16 product term clocks and four local control term clocks per function block
Four global clocks and one universal control term clock per device
Excellent pin retention during design changes
Available in commercial grade and extended voltage (2.7V to 3.6V) industrial grade
5V tolerant I/O pins
Input register setup time of 2.5 ns
Single pass logic expandable to 48 product terms
High-speed pin-to-pin delays of 5.0 ns
Slew rate control per output
100% routable
Security bit prevents unauthorized access
Supports hot-plugging capability
Design entry/verification using Xilinx or industry standard CAE tools
Innovative Control Term structure provides:
Asynchronous macrocell clocking
Asynchronous macrocell register preset/reset
Clock enable control per macrocell
Four output enable controls per function block
Foldback NAND for synthesis optimization
Universal 3-state which facilitates "bed of nails" testing
Available in Chip-scale BGA, Fineline BGA, and QFP packages. Pb-free available for most package types.

XCR3064XL-10VQG44I Xilinx CPLD CoolRunner XPLA3 Family 1.5K Gates 64 Macro Cells 95MHz 0.35um (CMOS) Technology 3.3V 44-Pin VTQFP

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